PRESS RELEASE – Langley Alloys partners Sandvik in North American market

PRESS RELEASE – Langley Alloys partners Sandvik in North American market

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PRESS RELEASE – Langley Alloys partners Sandvik in North American market

Sandvik and Langley Alloys Inc extend existing partnership to now serve the USA market for duplex stainless steel solid bars

Sandvik (Sandvik Materials Technology) has appointed Langley Alloys as its preferred partner for the distribution of duplex and super duplex stainless steels to the NAFTA region.

The companies have been partners in the UK market since September 2017. This latest development seeks to replicate the success of that arrangement, increasing the market penetration of Sandvik’s high-performance alloys.

Langley Alloys developed the original high-strength super duplex Ferralium® 255 in the 1960s and Sandvik-developed Sandvik SAF 2507® super duplex alloy during the mid-1980s. Therefore, both companies share a proud history in the development and supply of high-performance stainless steels. Consequently, this partnership brings together two originators of the duplex and super duplex alloy world.

Dave Shollock, Sales Manager NAFTA for Sandvik said “We have recently reviewed the role of our Houston warehouse and feel that partnering with Langley Alloys can improve the market penetration for Sandvik products. They operate a warehouse in nearby Conroe, Houston, as well as Portland, so have the reach, customer relationships and process capability we are looking for in a partner.“

In addition to Sandvik SAF 2507®, the partnership will also focus on Sanmac® 2205 duplex stainless steel.  The new generation of Sanmac® stainless steels helps to reduce tool wear and increase cutting speeds, providing machine shops with productivity improvements and significant cost reductions per produced item. By carefully controlling the non-metallic inclusions in Sanmac® steels such as sulfides to encourage easier machining, Sanmac® steels contain oxide inclusions that improve chip breaking and reduce tool wear.

Chris Halliday, President of Langley Alloys Inc added “By partnering with world-class producers such as Sandvik, we are able to extend the depth of our alloy stock range. Making Langley Alloys an unrivalled supplier in Duplex stainless steels in the USA, we will focus on stocking SAF® 2205, SAF2507®, Alloy 32760 and our own unique super duplex Ferralium® 255-SD50, with its higher strength (85ksi). These alloys, fully certified by the likes of NORSOK, ASTM, ASME, PED and ABS provide high levels of performance in demanding applications, which we support with a competitive price and availability.”


Sandvik SAF 2507 and Sanmac are registered trademarks of Sandvik Intellectual Property AB.
Ferralium and Hiduron are registered trademarks of Langley Alloys Ltd.


Langley Alloys Inc, 29th October 2018


For further information contact Rodney Rice – Business Development Director, Langley Alloys.  +44 (0)1782 610250   /      [email protected]

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