Multi-purpose Ferralium® from Langley Alloys Ltd

Multi-purpose Ferralium® from Langley Alloys Ltd

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Ferralium ® is a super duplex stainless steel created by Langley Alloys and most typically supplied in the hot worked and annealed condition.

At Langley Alloys, we have a proud history behind us which can still be seen today as we continue to supply unique products for demanding applications.

We were founded in 1938, and by the 1970’s we had developed the world’s first super duplex stainless steel, Ferralium®. Boasting a range of exceptional properties, the metal is used around the world for a wide range of applications covering a variety of industries.

Achieve excellent Strength and Corrosion Resistance with Ferralium®

Our Ferralium® super duplex stainless steel achieves higher strengths than other super duplex stainless steels due to careful control of the composition, manufacturing conditions and ferrite:austenite ratio.

The increased levels of copper addition enhance resistance to pitting and general corrosion, through a self-healing effect at pitting sites. This unique combination of strength and corrosion resistance provides businesses and industries with the potential to reduce section size, which in turn, can help to reduce weight and costs.

Ferralium ® 255 offers superior corrosion resistance in a variety of mediums, such as those found within chemical processes utilising sulphuric, nitric or phosphoric acid – making it a great alloy for the fertiliser and agrochemical industries. It has also been widely used in mining and pollution control equipment with scrubbers, precipitators, fans and pumps all being made from Ferralium ®.

Many of Ferralium®’s most common uses involve exposure to seawater, where the Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN) >40 suggests excellent pitting resistance, even in contaminated or brackish water.

Therefore applications in maritime and naval applications, as well as subsea or Oil & Gas applications feature heavily, some of which are shown on our website.

Versatile, durable and dependable at all times, Ferralium® is the ultimate super duplex metal for demanding applications.

Contact us to learn more about our Ferralium®

At Langley Alloys, we supply Ferralium ® in several forms including bars, plates, pipes and fittings with complementary weld wire. For more information about our product range or to place an order, please give our helpful team a call today.

All our Ferralium® products are tested to the highest possible standards to guarantee that the trademarked product possesses a high integrity, a correct phase balance and the absence of sigma and other potential damaging phases.

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