When Quality Systems Turn Bad – Kobe Steel

When Quality Systems Turn Bad – Kobe Steel

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Kobe Steel has been in the news over the last few days, following revelations that employees have been falsifying data on product certifications.

As Japans third-largest steelmaker, manufacturing a wide range of steel, copper, aluminium and titanium products, their materials are utilised in such high-profile applications as Boeing jets, Toyota, Nissan and Ford cars, plus the iconic Bullet Train. The materials supplied may well have been manufactured within the agreed specifications, but the lack of transparent and trustworthy qualification is a concern for such sensitive applications.

Why is this an issue?

In an age of global supply chains, Kobe Steel products are distributed around the world. Already, we have been approached by a number of customers concerned to know if metals that Langley Alloys has supplied are involved. We are able to categorically confirm that we have not distributed products originating from Kobe Steel.

Langley Alloys has developed a robust Supplier Approvals system that enforces independent verification of all incoming material from mills and distributors. Langley Alloys also works closely with, and audits, its material suppliers to ensure that these suppliers operate at the highest quality level. Such activities underpin our accreditation with the British Standards Institute (BSI) for ISO 9001:2008/2015 and AS9100C, with our Quality Management System also subject to routine audit and review by several global customers engaged in the Oil & Gas sector.

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