Houston site achieves ISO9001:2015 certification

Houston site achieves ISO9001:2015 certification



A big congratulations goes to the Langley Alloys team at our Houston site as the first in the group to achieve the ISO9001:2015 certification. This latest version of the standard is a significant step forward from the 2008 standard, requiring clearly demonstrated site leadership and risk management.

Ray Stone, Non-Executive Chairman of Langley Alloys remarked “The successful re-accreditation of the Houston Conroe facility confirms the commitment of Langley Alloys Ltd and our overseas facilities to meeting the most stringent quality standards expected by our global customers.”

The Houston site was established in 2013 and is an important part of the Langley Alloys’ offer to global customers – currently operating from the USA, UK and Singapore, we are able to provide a wide choice of high-performance alloys and responsive service in the key oil and gas markets.

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