Alloy 254 stock range increased

Alloy 254 stock range increased

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Alloy 254

Responding to our customer requests, we have extended the range of Alloy 254 stock that is available for immediate delivery from our UK site.

Our current stock range includes bars from 25mm to 300mm diameter (at 10mm increments up to 200mm diameter).

Alloy 254 is a highly-alloyed austenitic stainless steel supplied in the hot worked and annealed condition, providing a Pitting Resistance Equivalent number (PREN) of c.43. Significant additions of Molybdenum, Nickel and Copper gives this alloy a good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, especially in environments containing halide ions e.g. chloride, bromide and fluoride solutions. It is therefore widely used in applications in brackish water, seawater, pulp mill bleach plants and other chloride process streams, where it can be a cost-effective alternative to more expensive nickel and titanium alloys in such environments.

The high alloy additions ensure that it has a strength nearly twice that of 3xx austenitic stainless steels. It retains excellent ductility and toughness at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures. It can generally be formed and welded in the same way as other 3xx alloys,

Although Langley Alloys is best known for our trademark super duplex stainless steels and copper alloys, we offer an increasingly wide range of nickel alloys, duplex and austenitic stainless steels, making us your ‘go-to’ stockist for high-performance corrosion resistant alloys.

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