TP046 – High-Performance Alloys for Demanding Applications

TP046 – High-Performance Alloys for Demanding Applications


This paper was presented during the ‘Tech Garage’ sessions that ran during OSEA2018 in Singapore (27th-29th November).

It provides an overview of high-performance alloys for a non-technical audience, initially providing a basic overview of the key performance criteria of a wide selection of stainless steel and nickel alloys. The favourable properties of nickel alloys are reviewed, before moving on to the main content which is an appreciation of stainless steels, and in particular, super duplex stainless steels.

After providing an introduction to the development of stainless steels and how they work, an overview of the different types of alloys is given along with a high-level overview of their properties. Super duplex stainless steels are identified as a family of alloys that combines high-strength and high corrosion resistance, together with a cost-effective price point relative to alternatives. The discrete advantages of Ferralium 255 versus S32750 and S32760 are highlighted, specifically the increased yield strength and superior corrosion resistance through a self-healing mechanism that is attributed to the raised copper content.


Project Overview:

  • Market Sector: General
  • Authors: Rodney Rice
  • Company: Langley Alloys Ltd
  • Publication Date: November 2018
  • Download: Download pdf
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