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Langley Alloys considers itself the home of super duplex stainless steels, having led the way with super duplex stainless steels for more than 50 years.

First and foremost, we invented the very first super duplex, Ferralium® 255, in the 1960’s. After years of refinement, it still remains the only super duplex to achieve a yield strength >85ksi, and its raised copper content ensures superior pitting corrosion resistance in chloride-containing environments and selected acids. Through bringing this novel product to market, we have built up a depth of knowledge in the selection, processing and fabrication of this family of alloys, supported by our in-house metallurgists.

Our partnership with Alleima ensures we carry a comprehensive range of all other duplex and super duplex solid bars, from Sanmac™ 2205 (S32205/F51) and SAF2507 (S32750/F53) to S32760 (F55) in sizes from ½” (12.7mm) to 16” diameter.

Langley Alloys also carries these same duplex and super duplex alloys in plate. Our Houston, USA warehouse specialises in the storage, processing and distribution of plates, with an in-house water-jet cutter that can generate complex shapes ready for fabrication. Pipes and fittings are also available, along with matched welding wire to give you the complete solution.

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