High Strength Alloys

High strength alloys are an attractive proposition for many applications. The ability to design components that fully exploit higher-strength alloys allows customers to reduce the overall material requirement, saving cost and time.

In addition, lighter components can contribute savings in other areas, for instance suspended loads are reduced, thereby reducing the impact upon ancillary systems.

Examples of High Strength Alloys

Ferralium 255-SD50 is recognised as the highest-strength super duplex stainless steel, the only one able to achieve 85 ksi yield strength. As such, it is widely specified by OEMs and design authorities. In addition, we carry an extensive stock of the other super duplex stainless steels, S32750 and S32760, which provide >80ksi yield strength.

Hiduron 130 and Hiduron 191 are both high-strength copper-nickel alloys, with yield strengths >80ksi and >60ksi respectively. Both alloys offer the very highest strength levels available in a copper alloy, excepting those where there are both health and safety issues, or are significantly more expensive.

Langley Alloys range of nickel alloys are generally high strength. We stock Alloys 725 and 925, which are the higher-strength variants of Alloys 625 and 825 respectively, along with K500 and 718.

Fermonic 50 is Langley Alloys version of the ‘XM-19’ austenitic stainless steel. We are able to offer a higher-strength variant from ¾” up to 8”, achieving >105ksi yield strength and more consistent properties than competitors alloys, through a combination of processes undertaken to our specification.

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