CS111 – Hidurel 5 – Stampings


Any product for service in aircraft jet engines must, of necessity be of proven reliability. These stampings are in HIDUREL 5 (UNS C64711, DIN 2.0855, DTD 498), a cupronickel (copper-nickel alloy), measure 6” x 8” and weigh 7 lb each. When machined, they are brazed together to form a heat exchanger – an oil cooler – for a world – renowned jet engine.


Because of the critical nature of the duty involved, they are stress-relieved by heat treatment after rough machining, electroplated with a thickness of .001 – .002” of silver on the surfaces to be brazed, and the brazed in a hydrogen atmosphere to ensure perfect joints.


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Project Overview:

  • Material: Hidurel 5
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