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The first four places in the recent United States Grand Prix were taken by Cosworth Ford DF V engine cars and although on that occasion Emerson Fittipaldi was forth in a McLaren it clinched the 1974 World Driver’s Championship Car Constructor’s title for Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd. The Formula One Ford engine, designed and built by Cosworth Engineering Ltd in 1967 at Ford’s request has powered all World Championship winning cars successfully from 1968 to 1974, and also ‘notched-up’ a century of wins in Formula One races. Continuously developed during that time, Cosworth has raised the horsepower output by nearly 10%.


All Cosworth Ford engines are fitted with valve guides of Langley HIDUREL 5 (UNS C64711, DIN 2.0855, DTD 498), a high-strength, high conductivity bronze, and valve seats of HIDURAX 1 aluminium bronze. The engines used in the McLarens, however, have been further developed and modified independently of Cosworth by Nicholson McLaren engines will carry out reliability and power tests on a DF V that the company has built purely as a development unit. Among other modifications made to this engine Nicholson has increased the valve size and made new valve seats of HIDURAX 1.


He has used this material in the development engine because of its proved ability to maintain a reliable and effective seat face over long periods whilst being subject to severe oxidation from hot corrosive exhaust gases and the continuous hammering action of the valves. This is due to the alloy’s good resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and wear. Its high thermal conductivity assists in more efficient heat dissipation and helps to lower operating temperatures, and its high co-efficient of expansion is particularly well suited for use with aluminium cylinder heads.


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Project Overview:

  • Material: Hidurel 5
  • Place: Cosworth Motorsport
  • Country: UK
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