Alleima Distribution Partner

Langley Alloys are the preferred distribution partner of Alleima for super duplex solid bars in the UK and North America.

We perform the role of a mill-backed distributor in these regions, with our comprehensive stock of:

in sizes from ½” (12.7mm) to 16” (406.4mm) diameter.

Both companies share a proud history in the development and supply of high-performance stainless steels Langley Alloys developed the original high-strength super duplex Ferralium® in the 1960’s and Alleima-developed SAF 2507® super duplex alloy during the mid-1980’s. As a result, the partners have gained valuable insight into the performance and specification of such alloys in many demanding applications, and are well-placed to support your particular applications.

In addition, we also carry more than 80 different sizes of Alleima’s Sanmac®316L hollow bars ex-stock, together with selected Sanmac®2205 and super duplex stainless steel hollow bars. By using hollow bars you may be able to save considerable time and cost, by avoiding the proof machining of a central bore.

We are also able to offer pipe packages utilising Alleima’s class-leading range of tubes and pipes, flanges and fittings, complemented by our own bar stock, hollow bar, deep hole borer and 1st stage machining capability. This means we are able to support diverse projects in our higher-performance alloys.

Our close working relationship with Alleima allows us access to stocks located at the mill, meaning that we can support even the largest of enquiries.

Alleima (formerly known as Sandvik Materials Technology) is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding industries. The offering covers a large variety of product forms, including tube and pipe as well as solid bar and hollow bar.

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