Fermonic 50 saves the day for Lakeview Machine LLC

29th agosto 2017

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It’s always nice to receive positive feedback from a customer, in this instance from Jeff Burge at Lakeview Machine LLC.

Lakeview Machine had need of XM19 stainless steel at short notice. Our version of this alloy, Fermonic 50 in both annealed and high strength format, is a cornerstone of our stockholding. It’s high strength (double that of Alloy 304 / Alloy 316) and increased ‘Pitting Resistance Equivalent number’ (PREN) of 34 (versus only 25 for Alloy 316) make it widely suitable for many applications – and its listing in NACE MR1075 supports oil and gas applications.

Jeff provided our Houston branch the following: “Thanks to Cassi, and the folks at Langley Alloys, for helping us to get this material so quickly.  It sure helps to have a supplier that can respond to urgent requests.”

Lakeview Machine LLC is a contract machinist, offering high quality precision machining services on a small quantity or production run basis. Processes offered include CNC turning and milling centers capable of holding the closest tolerances. They are specialist in the processing of engineered polymers and high performance metals, primarily for oil field-related applications but now diversifying into medical and defense/aerospace applications.