Langley Alloys can provide a range of additional processing and services to add value and save you time

Materials HandlingProfessional Materials Handling

Each Langley Alloy warehouse holds an inventory of products to provide a responsive service to our customers wherever they’re located. Products are carefully stored to ensure they are supplied in optimum condition and are delivered in a variety of high-quality packaging. Order processing and stock control is facilitated by a fully integrated computer system which links to item production and inspection.  All products are issued with Test Certification guaranteeing their validity to specification.


Bar ProcessingBar Processing

All our sites provide in-house bar processing. Whether it’s a small one-off or a high-volume repeat order, we operate a series of fully automatic, CNC-controlled band saws, capable of accurate stock cutting up to a section size of 650mm (25”).

Plate ProcessingPlate Processing

Our Portland facility operates a precision water-jet cutter. As a cold process, there is no heat affected zone created during profiling or change in surface properties. This means that our material can be subsequently processed in a consistent and reproducible manner.  We can process anything from simple rectangles to complex shapes, and by carefully nesting your component from large parent plates we ensure a competitive service.




Our objective is to work with customers to provide a competitive first-stage machining service. By combining processing with the supply of our materials we can save you time and cost, allowing you to focus on your own priorities. Investment at our UK site means that we have our own machining capability, but all sites are able to offer proof machining, grinding, boring and trepanning as required.  By deep-bore boring or trepanning bar sizes up to 400mm diameter, we can offer hollow sections in small amounts that would not otherwise be available ex-stock.



Non-Destructive TestingNon Destructive Testing

As a matter of course, all products are visually and dimensionally inspected during processing and before dispatch. Similarly all hot-worked materials are subjected to ultrasonic inspection as a mandatory test. Many procedures have been approved by BAe Systems, the US Navy and BNFL and a number of operators are qualified to ASNT Level II standards. Examination by other techniques such as radiography and liquid penetrant can be arranged as necessary.

Testing and certificationTesting and Certification

All products are supplied with Langley Alloys test certification and/or mill certification as appropriate. For those customers who require Type 3.2 certificates, we routinely organise independent third-party inspection to review materials, testing and preparation thereby giving customers the necessary confirmation that materials supplied comply with the specification.



Custom ForgingMetal Forging

Custom shaped forgings as rings, blanks and shafts (with or without steps) can be produced within very competitive lead times. Items can be supplied in a proof machined or finished machined condition as required.




CastingsMetal Casting

Our historical involvement in a large foundry business, and the long-standing experience of Ferralium as a metal for casting, means that we are well-placed to take ownership of the supply of high-performance castings. Items can be supplied in a proof machined or finished machined condition as required.