Jun 11th 2019

Enhanced machinability as standard

Sanmac® is the name given to a family of stainless steels produced by Sandvik with improved machinability, available as both bar and hollow bar. As Sandvik’s preferred distribution partner for duplex and super duplex stainless steels, Langley Alloys are particularly motivated by products which can make the lives of our customers easier.

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May 23rd 2019

Alloy 825

Alloy 825 can perhaps be seen as the entry point when moving from stainless steels to more expensive Nickel alloys. With >40% Ni and >20%Cr content, then it is certainly a step-up in price compared with super duplex alloys. So, why would you specify it ?   Nickel-Iron-Chromium alloys such as Alloy 825, also known as Incoloy […]

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Apr 22nd 2019

Where Duplex Steel is Used in Architecture

Although stainless steel has been used for nearly a hundred years, higher-performance duplex grades have really only been available commercially since the 1980’s. Interestingly, the application of duplex stainless steels by architects, designers and building contractors has gained favour in recent times. It has both practical and aesthetic uses, with many contemporary assemblies using it […]

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Apr 5th 2019

Introduction to Langley Alloys – new brochure

In order to share the full range of our products and services , we are pleased to share our new company brochure. In recent years we have added nickel alloys and stainless steel hollow bars to our stock range, plus the ability to deep hole bore, turn and mill in-house. Our supply partnership with Sandvik […]

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Apr 3rd 2019

Langley Alloys can now offer pipes, fittings and flanges

Although best known as #thehomeofsuperduplex for our bar and plate distribution, Langley Alloys are able to provide a competitive offer for your pipe package requirements, including flanges, fittings and associated components. Making use of our mill partnerships, extensive stocks, in-house inspection, production and expertise, we are well-placed to co-ordinate the supply of packages across all […]

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Mar 28th 2019

Stainless Steel World cover story

Langley Alloys is very pleased to be the feature of this months publication. As the premium publication for anyone involved with corrosion resistant alloys, this is a great platform from which to share our story. The article covers the evolution of Langley Alloys, in particular the increasing activity of our operations in the USA. Our […]

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Dec 6th 2018

Langley Alloys presents at ValveWorld

Langley Alloys presented at the recent ValveWorld conference held in Dusseldorf on the 27th-29th October 2018. The conference attracted 400 delegates across the three days, in parallel with the main exhibition that hosted more than 650 exhibitors from 40 countries, attended by nearly 12,000 visitors. Our lead Metallurgical Engineer, David Coghill, presented Langley Alloys work […]

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Dec 3rd 2018

How Ferralium supports the Statue of Liberty

In this article, published in Stainless Steel World News – December 2018, the role of Ferralium in the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty is explored. Constructed in 1886, this iconic structure was suffering badly with galvanic corrosion some 90 years later. The combination of different materials within the statue created almost perfect conditions for […]

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Nov 19th 2018

Deep Hole Borer Commissioned

Langley Alloys are now able to offer deep hole boring from our own facilities. The deep hole boring capability is a perfect complement to our extensive range of solid and hollow bars – providing customers with a greater choice of alloy type, sizes and amounts. Large bores, up to 200mm internal diameter and over 2m in […]

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Jul 17th 2018

Positive Material Identification Proves Its Value

How can you tell a Super Duplex Stainless Steel from an Austenitic Stainless Steel, or a Nickel Alloy from a Copper Alloy when they all largely look the same ?   That’s the problem experienced by many of the organisations in the supply chain. Here, Kathy Stubbs, Group Technical & Quality Manager, outlines Langley Alloys […]

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Nov 22nd 2017

Langley Alloys diberi sorotan dalam edisi ‘Stainless Steel Focus’ keluaran Julai 2017

Langley Alloys telah diberi sorotan dalam edisi ‘Stainless Steel Focus’ keluaran Julai 2017. Artikel yang menumpukan pada pelaburan terkini dalam bidang baharu menyaksikan – unit Kasto yang terbaharu dioptimumkan untuk kegunaan bilah karbin tungsten, menyokong pelaburan kami dalam penyimpanan stok aloi nikel yang lebih banyak. Lihat artikel

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Nov 22nd 2017

Apabila Sistem Kualiti semakin merosot – Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel (www.kobelco.co.jp) memenuhi berita sepanjang beberapa hari yang lepas, berikutan pendedahan bahawa para pekerja telah memalsukan data pada pensijilan produk. Sebagai pembuat keluli yang ketiga terbesar di Jepun, serta mengilangkan pelbagai jenis produk keluli, tembaga, aluminium dan titanium, bahan mereka digunakan dalam penggunaan profil tinggi seperti jet Boeing, kenderaan Toyota, Nissan dan Ford, serta […]

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Aug 29th 2017

Fermonic 50 menyelamatkan keadaan di Lakeview Machine LLC

Sememangnya seronok apabila menerima maklum balas positif daripada pelanggan, contohnya daripada Jeff Burge di Lakeview Machine LLC. Lakeview Machine memerlukan keluli tahan karat XM19 dengan notis yang singkat. Versi aloi ini, iaitu Fermonic 50 yang dalam format tersepuh lindap dan berkekuatan tinggi, ialah asas bagi pemegangan stok kami. Kekuatan tingginya (dua kali ganda daripada Alloy […]

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