Article 1 – Ferralium 255 for FGD Applications
TP10 – Materials Selection for Kraft Digesters
TP11 – Long-Term Experiences of the Use of Super Duplex Stainless Steel to Combat Corrosion in the Pulp & Paper Industry
TP12 -Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance of Ultra-High Strength Cupronickel Alloy – Effects of Exposure to Gaseous Hydrogen Environment on Fatigue Resistance
TP13 – Evaluation of a Diffusion-Trapping Model for Hydrogen Ingress in High-Strength Alloys
TP14 – The Erosion-Corrosion Behaviour of Copper Nickel Alloys
Electron microscope view of TP15
TP15 – The effect of heat treatment on precipitation in the Cu-Ni-Al alloy Hiduron 130
TP16 – The corrosion wear behaviour of selected stainless steels in potash brine
Metal Refinery Pipeline
TP17 – Inhibition of Ferralium Steel Corrosion in Acid Solution by NHETP
TP18 – Corrosion & Material Selection for Desalination Plant Heat Exchangers
TP19 – Electrochemical and AFM Studies of a Copper Nickel Alloy in Sulphide-Contaminated Sodium Chloride Solution
TP20 – Influence of Impeller Leading Edge Profiles on Cavitation and Suction Performance
TP21 – Localised Corrosion of Stainless Steel in Paper Machine White Liquer
TP22 – Corrosion of High Ni-Cr Alloys and Stainless Steels in HNO3-HF
TP23 – Ferralium 255, Cost Effective Answers to Corrosion-Erosion Problems in Wet Phosphoric Acid Production
TP24 – Study of Metal Corrosion in the STS (Space Shuttle) Launch Environment
TP25 – Erosion-Corrosion and Corrosion Wear Evaluation of Materials in Potash Brine
TP26 – Corrosion Behaviour of Nickel-Based Alloys in Supercritical Water Oxidation Systems
TP27 – Development of Very High Strength Copper Alloys with Resistance to Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion Cracking
TP28 – Development of a Cavitation Erosion Resistant Advanced Material System
TP29 – Long-Term Corrosion (of Metals for Radioactive Waste Storage)
TP30 – A Novel Mini-Autoclave to Study Concurrently the Electrochemistry and Precursor Sites for Pitting in Steels in Chloride Containing Environments
TP31 – In-Situ Pitting of UNS32550 Super Duplex Stainless Steel in Artificial Seawater below and above the Critical Pitting Temperature
TP32 – The Effect of Microstructure on Pitting Resistance of Super Duplex Stainless Steels
TP33 – The Development of an Ultra-high Strength Cupronickel Alloy for Offshore Use
TP34 – The Hydrogen Interaction and Embrittlement Characteristics of High Strength Fastener Alloys
TP35 – Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance of Hiduron 220 Exposed to Gaseous Hydrogen Environment on Fatigue Resistance
corrosion resistant alloys
TP36 – Corrosion and Galvanic Compatibility Studies of a High-Strength Copper-Nickel Alloy
TP37 – The Development of Very High Strength Copper Nickel alloys with Resistance to Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion Cracking
TP38 The Influence of Specific Alloying Elements in Control of Pitting of 25% Cr Duplex Steels