The Home of Super Duplex

Langley Alloys is ‘The Home of Super Duplex’.

Langley Alloys invented super duplex alloys with the creation of Ferralium 25%Cr in the 1960’s.

It is the only super duplex to achieve a minimum Yield Strength of > 85ksi.

It is available as bar (up to 14″ dia), plate (up to 3″ thick), pipe and fittings.

Following our appointment as Sandvik’s distribution partner for duplex and super duplex in North America we can now offer competitive prices from our significant stock holding. 




Langley Alloys.

Your ‘Go-To’ Supplier for Super Duplex.


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Sandvik’s distribution partner

Sandvik (Sandvik Materials Technology) has appointed Langley Alloys as its preferred partner for the distribution of duplex and super duplex stainless steels to the NAFTA region. The companies have been partners in the UK market since September 2017. This latest development seeks to replicate the success of that arrangement, increasing the market penetration of Sandvik’s high-performance alloys.

Dave Shollock, Sales Manager NAFTA for Sandvik said “We have recently reviewed the role of our Houston warehouse and feel that partnering with Langley Alloys can improve the market penetration for Sandvik products. They operate a warehouse in nearby Conroe, Houston, as well as Portland, so have the reach, customer relationships and process capability we are looking for in a partner.“

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In addition to Sandvik SAF 2507™, the partnership will also focus on Sanmac™ 2205 duplex stainless steel. The new generation of Sanmac™ stainless steels helps to reduce tool wear and increase cutting speeds, providing machine shops with productivity improvements and significant cost reductions per produced item. By carefully controlling the non-metallic inclusions in Sanmac™ steels such as sulphides to encourage easier machining, Sanmac™ steels contain oxide inclusions that improve chip breaking and reduce tool wear.

Chris Halliday, President of Langley Alloys Inc added “By partnering with world-class producers such as Sandvik, we are able to extend the depth of our alloy stock range. As the home of super duplex stainless steels we will focus on stocking Sanmac™ 2205, SAF2507™, Alloy 32760 and our own unique Ferralium® 255-SD50, the only 85ksi super duplex. These alloys, fully certified by the likes of Norsok, provide high levels of performance in demanding applications, which we support with a competitive price and availability.”

Sandvik SAF 2507 and Sanmac are registered trademarks of Sandvik Intellectual Property AB.
Ferralium and Hiduron are registered trademarks of Langley Alloys Ltd.


Ferralium 255-SD50

Langley Alloys was the first company to develop a super duplex stainless steel. The latest variant, marketed as Ferralium® 255-SD50, is manufactured to exacting standards and is well-known for its enhanced strength and corrosion resistance when compared with other super duplex grades. 

– 1st super duplex to achieve 85ksi as a minimum 0.2% Proof Stress

– Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN) >40, superior corrosion resistance

– Higher copper content provides self-healing at sites of pitting

– Available as bars, plate, pipe, fittings and weld wire



Bars. Plates. Pipes. We’ve got you covered.

As ‘The Home of Super Duplex’ we can offer you both PLATE and BAR in a selection of grades, along with PIPE.

Our warehouses all benefit from indoor racking and storage, plus in-house sawing capability.

In addition, our Portland site is configured to store, handle and process plate with an in-house water-jet cutter – ensuring a high-precision finish and the absence of any heat-affected zone. 

We also employ Metallurgists so that we can support your requirements and review specifications, plus development work with our customers to provide bespoke solutions where the best answer is not necessarily available from stock.


Other services.


Non-Destructive Testing

– PMI, Liquid Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic Inspection


Testing and Certification

– Mill and 3rd party inspection routinely organised


Supply Chain Management

– Long-term supply agreements, local stocking arrangements


Forgings and Castings

– Custom sizes readily sourced from our licencees and partners


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