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Stainless Steel Hollow Bar

Why choose Langley Alloys for

Stainless Steel Hollow Bars


Sandvik Hollow Bars

As Sandvik’s preferred UK partner for the distribution of duplex stainless steel and special grades of hollow bar, we are able to offer customers improved availability and access to stock.

Our investment in Sanmac™ 316L and Sanmac™ 2205 hollow bar stock makes this product form more readily available in small quantities as an alternative to solid bar.

  • Use hollow bar.
  • Save machining time and cost.
  • Remove machining operations.

Why should you use Stainless Steel Hollow Bars?

Using hollow bars instead of solid bars can help you to achieve direct savings in material and tooling costs, reduced machining time and increased productivity.

By starting with a near-net shape hollow bar, less metal is lost as low-value swarf and obviously less tooling is consumed too. Therefore, there can be immediate input cost savings when using this more sophisticated product form.

More significantly, reducing machining time or totally eliminating machining steps can dramatically improve productivity. This can either be valued as reduced machining time or cost for a given part, or also as higher throughput when machines are fully-loaded.

Finally, replacing solid bars with stainless steel hollow bars eliminates the need for trepanning when producing components with a central bore, which causes material to work harden and is detrimental to subsequent machining operations.

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Why use Sandvik ‘Sanmac’ alloys

Sanmac Hollow Bars

The combination of hollow bars in Sanmac™ alloys creates the maximum possible productivity gains for machinists.

  • Sanmac™ alloys provide enhanced machinability as standard
  • Carefully controlled composition and microstructure create ideal feedstock
  • Improved chip breaking and reduced tool wear supports improved productivity


What are the advantages with Sanmac™?

  • Increased cutting speeds and feed rates, resulting in better machine utilization and reduced fixed cost per item produced
  • Less tool wear, resulting in more items cut per insert edge
  • Reduction of set-up times, facilitating long series production with the same cutting data


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Hollow Bar. Bored Bar. Solid Bar. All options covered.

Langley Alloys has a solution to suit your requirements.

Stainless Steel Hollow bars from stock:

Sanmac 316L and Sanmac 2205 ex-stock


In-house deep-hole boring:

– I/D up to 200mm (8″)


Potential for special grades:

Super duplex and nickel alloys

– from production or bored bar


Manufactured by Sandvik.

Distributed by Langley Alloys.



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