Partnership with Zollern GmbH

Langley Alloys is pleased to extend its long-standing association with Zollern as their UK representative for sand castings. Langley Alloys and Zollern have successfully worked together on the supply of high quality copper alloys in ingot and bar form. The combined know-how and market network of the partners creates an ideal platform for further development.

Langley Alloys origins can be traced back 80 years to the special copper alloys division of High Duty Alloys, from which it developed into a specialist foundry and metal production facility. The development of unique copper alloys like Hiduron® and Hidurel® found favour in many aerospace and defence applications, with their outstanding properties still called upon today in marine, naval and oil & gas applications.

The Zollern Group is a leading supplier in the metal processing industry and has a wide range of manufacturing techniques, developed and perfected during the course of their 300-year history. More than 3,000 employees design, produce and service a product range of innovative metal products at 22 production facilities and subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia.


Key capabilities:

  • Maximum cast size of 1-7,000kg for copper & copper alloys, 1-2,000kg for steels
  • Pattern-less manufacture for complex and/or low-volume manufacture
  • Centrifugal and transfusion casting of dynamically balanced components i.e bearing bushes
  • Ceramic cores or part moulds for more exacting dimensional accuracy and surface quality
  • Complex castings such as impellers, turbine wheels (Pelton, Francis, Kaplan) and blades


Precision Sand Castings – Complex dimensional shapes in demanding alloys (rev2)


Example castings