What is Ferralium? Stainless Steels

Ferralium is a trademark belonging to Langley Alloys Ltd and refers to the world’s first super duplex stainless steel developed by us. It was formally launched in 1969 after a patent application in 1967 was granted. Ferralium 255-SD50 (UNS S32550, F61, 1.4507) is the only super duplex stainless steel to achieve a minimum yield strength of >85ksi (586N/mm2), and it’s increased copper content and reduced level of inclusions provides superior corrosion performance over alternative super duplex stainless steel grades.

Ferralium is available ex-stock in solid bars from 5/8” to 14” diameter, and in plate up to 3” thick, plus a range of pipes and fittings. Castings and forgings can be offered through our licenced partners.

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